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Woodcarving Toni Baur

Grüß Gott - this is the traditional greeting in Bavaria. Grüß Gott and welcome to the beautiful Oberammergau, the place of the Passion Play, the Lüftl painting and the wood carving.

For many hundreds of years the carving of wooden figures has been a tradition in Oberammergau. And for more than 40 years we have been making lovers of carved figures and nativity scene collectors happy with our woodcarving workshop Toni Baur.

In our family business you will find (almost) everything you could wish for, from A for "Apostles" to K for "Crucifixes" and T for "Animals" to "Dwarfs".

Current highlights

Christ of the Alps blue with curved cross
Size: 20cm | Version: Antique

Variants from €46.00*
St. Florian of the Alps
Size: 26cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €70.90*
SH Shepherds Nativity Set 9 Pieces
Size: 16cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €132.00*
Australian shepherd dog
Size: 4cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €12.10*
Size: 15cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €36.80*
SH Herder with lamb
Size: 12cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €15.40*

Wood carving from Oberammergau

Oberammergau - a place with traditions

Oberammergau has always been something special. And this is not only due to its dreamlike surroundings, but also to craftsmanship, art and religion. On the one hand, there are the Passion Plays, which have been performed every ten years since 1680 as a thank you for surviving the plague. More than 2,000 amateur actors from the community are then on stage to recall the suffering and death of Jesus. Those who have been fortunate enough to attend a performance rave about a moving experience.

Outside of the Passion Plays, many guests visit Oberammergau for its beautiful town center, characterized by the Lüftlmalerei: many facades are colorfully painted, very often depicting scenes from the Passion or other Christian motifs.

And finally, Oberammergau is famous for its woodcarving, a tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. In the past, the woodcarvers were also called "Herrgottschnitzer" (carvers of the Lord God), because they also carved mainly Christian motifs.

At your service for decades: Toni Baur

At Holzschnitzerei Toni Baur we also maintain the traditions for which Oberammergau is known. For over 40 years we have been offering our customers the most beautiful nativity scenes, crucifixes and religious figures. Our nativity scenes are lovers' pieces, crafted from different woods and in different designs. Religious figures such as saints, a Madonna or a small guardian angel, which traditionally stand in the Herrgottswinkel of Bavarian parlors, are also often given as gifts for baptism, communion or confirmation.

But woodcarving has never been limited to Christian motifs, since time immemorial toys and everyday objects have also been carved from wood. Therefore, our customers will also find a large selection of non-religious motifs. In addition to typical Upper Bavarian figures such as abseilers, mountaineers or hikers, we also have animal figures, reliefs or pinwheels, morris dancers or clowns on offer. They are sought-after collector's items, souvenirs from a relaxing vacation or a souvenir from Oberammergau for loved ones at home.

Current offers

Christ of the Alps linden with curved cross
Size: 25cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €180.00*
St. Florian of the Alps
Size: 26cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €70.90*
SH Shepherds Nativity Set 7 Pieces
Size: 12cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €102.30*
Camel lying B.K.
Size: 12cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €21.00*
Size: 5,2cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €17.00*
SH Herder with lamb
Size: 12cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €15.40*

Nativity scenes from Oberammgerau

For centuries, it has been the custom to set up a nativity scene during Advent - it makes the Christmas story vivid and understandable, especially for children. The carved figures of the Holy Family, the ox, the donkey and the Three Kings are available in traditional and modern designs.

A whole store just for cribs

Having your own nativity scene is always something very special. When Mary and Joseph are placed in the stable with the baby Jesus in the run-up to Christmas, it is a ritual in many families, a contemplative and beautiful moment in which everyone participates. Children are delighted to see the familiar figures again. Often, young families initially choose only the most important figures of a nativity scene, then each year a new figure is added, perhaps a shepherd, a king, another sheep.... Thus, over the years, nativity scenes become family collectibles.

The cribs can look very different: From traditional figures to modern designs, we offer more than 40 different models in a variety of designs - and not only at Christmas time. If you like, you can not only order our cribs online at any time, but also admire them in our crib store all year round.

SH Herder with girl
Size: 8cm | Version: colored (painted, glazed)

Variants from €17.60*
Jesus child
Size: 8cm | Version: nature

Variants from €13.10*
Farmer with scythe linden
Size: 25cm | Version: nature

Block nativity InsamArt in ash wood
Size: 15cm | Version: nature

Variants from €20.50*

One figure, many possibilities

The impression of a figure or the effect of a crib do not only depend on the design. Also the execution contributes substantially to it. We show you figurines made of different types of wood, for example maple, lime or Swiss pine. Each wood has its own character and its own grain, which is particularly beautiful in natural wood. If you like it more colorful, choose your wood carving colored or stained in several colors.

Our tip: Look at the same figurine in different versions, then you will quickly notice the effect of wood type and finishing. And of course, the size of the figure also plays a role. A complete nativity scene with figures 20 cm high will only fit under a really big Christmas tree - if you don't have quite so much space, you might prefer to choose a smaller model. If you are looking not only for a large selection, but also for something really unusual, you can also find your own models at Holzschnitzerei Toni Baur. These are available worldwide only from us.

Carved unique pieces

You have a very precise idea of a wooden figure? You are looking for a certain design made of a special wood or in a special color? Then contact us, we will be happy to advise you and discuss the implementation of your idea together. A production according to your wishes is a real unicum: Worldwide there will be this figure according to your ideas only once.