About Toni Baur

In 1980 Toni Baur established in Oberammergau the comany "Holzschnitzereien Toni Baur". Oberammergau is famous all over the world for woodcarving art manufactured in high quality. The company Holzschnitzereien Toni Baur offers all kinds of woodcarving, Saints, religious and secular figurines, reliefs, nativity sets in traditional and modern style.

In 1999 the company Holzschnitzereien Toni Baur enlarged the store with a special room for nativity sets. You will find there a large number of different nativity sets, figurines and accessories.

Klimt - die Dame
nikolausschlitten uns


We offer a large number of woodcarving items in our store. Figurines from 0.8 inch height up to 60 inch. Do not hesitate to ask, if you have special questions or if you want special figurines. We enjoy your requests.

Maybe you will make a trip to Germany and a visit to Oberammergau next time. Toni will enjoy to welcome you in his store.

Toni Baur