Alra Nativity

The Alra Nativity is an elegant, wood-carved nativity scene in classic design. The nativity figures of the Alra crib wear a very simple and poor clothing. Only the 3 Wise Men are represented with rich costumes. Most pastors are accompanied by animals such as sheep, lambs and goats.
The Holy Family, consisting of St. Joseph, Mary and the Infant Jesus in cradle can be purchased individually as well as in the set. The nativity Alra counts among the nativity figurines many children and shepherds.

The Alra Nativity scene is carved in maple wood and is available in the sizes 10 - 14 and 20 cm (3,94 – 5,51 and 7,87 inch). The Alra nativity figurines can be purchased in the variants natural, stained 3 colors, color and real gold.