The name of the Venetian Nativity by Lepi derives from the city of Venice, which, particularly in the past, had a strong business relationship with the East.
The Three Wise Men are indeed wrapped in elegant dresses from the oriental tradition with precious oriental decorations.
St. Joseph is standing leaning on his stick and holding a lantern, which illuminates the birth of the Infant Jesus. The Virgin Mary is kneeling in prayer, or in a second variant, sitting at the cradle of the infant Jesus.
The clothes of the nativity figures are very light, they seem to be easily placed on the bodies of the figures. The movements of the characters of the Venetian nativity scene are represented very calm and trusting.

The use of oil colors, very bright on the most visible parts of the nativity figures and darker in the depth of wrinkles, never really covers the grain of the maple wood. The characteristics of the wood thus remain clear and visible.
In the oak wood version of the Venetian Nativity Scene by Lepi, figures are not painted: the shadows are given by the original reflections of the wood itself. The version of the Venetian crib carved in oak wood is available on request.
The Venetian nativity scene of Lepi is available as Set of 21 pieces with temple, set of 27 pieces with stable and set of 34 pieces with ruine. Also the Holy Family is available at a special set price. The wood carved nativity figures are available in the sizes 10, 12 and 16 cm (3,94 – 4,72 and 6,30 inch) and in the versions nature and stained 3 colors.