We sell woodcarvings made in Oberammergau and produced in Italy (South Tyrol). Most of the carvings shown in our website are precarved by using a pantograph. They are finished by a woodcarver, who carves by hand all details to complete the art work.

The painting of the figurines is done exclusively by hand.

Wood carvers usually prefer three types of wood, the hard maple wood, the soft lime wood and the also soft pine wood.

Some of the woodcarvings are also available as complete handcarved figurines. Please ask for special prices.

All size, measurements, colors and other descriptions are approximate only and subject to manufacturers normal tolerances.

The style "natural" means that the sculpture is not treated in any other way after carving.

The style "painted" means that after carving the sculpture it is painted by hand with oil colors and gold plated.

The style "antique" means that after carving the sculpture it is layed with a ground and then painted. The finishing step is a treatment with a special lacquer which brings an antique effect to the sculpture.

gold plated
The style "real gold" means that the sculpture is painted in oil colors and gold-plated with 24 karat gold after carving.

The style "waxed" means that the scupture is treated with a brown wax after carving.

waxed in 2 colors
The style "waxed in 2 colors" means that the sculpture is waxed in two or three different brown colors after carving.

waxed and provided with a gold rim



To clean wood carvings, it is best to use a dry cotton cloth and a soft brush. This allows you to dust off carvings and polish something at the same time. Under no circumstances should detergents, water or damp cloths be used.

If you take this into account, your future generations will also be able to
enjoy the carvings.

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